Crystals, Gems, & Minerals, Oh my!

Arkansas Quartz Double Terminated Cluster 
with a little Golden Healer Dolphin rider
From The BackToTheEarthROCKS Collection

BackToTheEarth's Crystal Pages Introduction

Every Year Tucson is Host to the world's largest Gem & Mineral Show. We are privileged to have access to the best of the best when it comes to Rocks, with all of the newest and rarest treasures of Mother Earth all coming to gather in one place... a truly Magical time of year!

So here we will share what we have found, the knowledge that we have gained, as well as some of the specimens that you can purchase.

You can expect to see articles on "The Metaphysical Aspects of the Quartz Crystals", "What Lemurian Seed Crystals Are", "Starbraries and why they are surfacing now", "Shungite!", "Chakra Healing Stones", and so much more!

Enjoy your visit, reading the info, or shopping our collection, and be sure to check out our Creations Pages to see some of the Sacred Healing Tools that are created with the Crystals!