You can be an 'Earth Warrior' too!

"There's a WAR on NATURE, and we can all choose what to do... So if YOU feel like I feel the love of the Earth... well YOU can be an EARTH WARRIOR too!"
I would strongly suggest watching the YouTube Video especially with your children! The best part is when you get to explain why they are smashing the McDonald's sign! This video production was made as a 100% non-profit Musick/Artistic and Environmental statement by OMNIA together with their Fans and Environmental Eco-warriors from all around the globe!
Listen to it, enjoy it and SHARE this musical message with as many human-monkeys as possible! ....and then get Monkey-Wrenching!
Do YOU want to be an Earth Warrior?
To join other EcoWarroirs you can start looking here:
Sea Shepherd
Earth First!
Animal liberation front
These are just a few of the many ways to join the fight. Follow along with us as we discover new ways we can all take part.
Please Share & Comment as this is how we help one another on this Journey... BackToTheEarth!