Ecosia Icon - Free Download at Icons8Who's Ecosia?

More EcoWarriors saving the planet! Ecosia is a new search engine that is doing a beautiful thing integrating technology into nature!

By making Ecosia your new search engine you can...

  • Search with Ecosia directly from the address bar
  • Restore the planet while you browse the web
  • Empower communities worldwide
Go to and you can add Ecosia directly to your Chrome Browser! or to get the mobile app for your phone click here.

I think that we can safely say that we are all searching the web all the time already anyway, right? Well now you can restore the planet as you browse! They are planting trees with every search, so the more you search, the more trees you have taken part in planting! What a perfect way to incorporate technology into nature…more EcoWarriors doing their part…bringing us all closer…BackToTheEarth!

Thank you, Ecosia, for doing you part! You ROCK!

p.s. If you want to take an even bigger part in planting more trees at a time, they now have a clothing line that is planting 20 trees per tee-shirt, and 11 trees per hoodie! To check them out visit

To learn more about the many reforestation projects they have worldwide you can visit their YouTube page by clicking here.