Rising Appalachia's "Slow Music Movement"

More EcoWarriors fighting the good fight...

BackToTheEarth is super excited to present Rising Appalachia's “Slow Music Movement”,  an effort to promote sustainable touring practices, bring in local outreach to each event, reduce single-use waste at our shows, source farm-to-table food for backstage, and continue to create and promote sustainable touring practices across the board.  “It’s our effort to take the glitz and glam out of the music industry and bring performance back to its roots- that of public service. A service where musicians are not just part of fast-paced entertainment world, but instead influence the cultural shift as troubadours, activists, story tellers, and catalysts of justice,” explains Leah.

Scale Down says it all...


Join Rising Appalachia in inspiring each other to celebrate our collective resiliency.  Include #IAmResilient in your social posts to tell your own triumphant story, no matter how big or small. Please post your resilient moments in photos, videos, banners, and artwork – to garner momentum that with our diversity, connection, and strength, we are resilient.  #IAmResilient.

More EcoWarrior causes to support thanks to Rising Appalachia's getting the word out...

We are proud to share three wonderful non-profit organizations who are phenomenal examples of inspiring resiliency. Please click on each below to learn more, get involved, and to donate to their causes.

HATCH connects people to resources and a global network to accelerate ideas to action, working on solutions in education, energy, entrepreneurship, environment, empowerment, and equality.

Honor the Earth
Honor the Earth’s mission is to create awareness and support for Native environmental issues, including water protection, carbon regulations, wild food harvesting…

Prison Yoga
Prison Yoga teaches embodiment and yoga as a mindfulness practice for re-engaging prisoners, the underserved, and those re-entering society to create violence prevention and restore connection between heart, body, and mind.

Thank you Rising Appalachia for fighting the good fight!