Three Points of Light Angel Sanctuary Camp

Meet the Angels! 

Here in Three Points, AZ we have Angels landing! These beautiful souls are gathering together to build a self sustainable community of like minded individuals seeking home. This will be a place where food is grown in abundance to let no one go hungry. A place where the home free fallen and rejected Angles can land and heal! A place to learn mindfulness, intentional living, how and what to feed your body, yoga, meditation, creative expression through music, dance, and art.
It's sad to say that so many of us like minded people are judged for the way we think outside the box. Here is where you will be loved, and encouraged too be who you really are! Come create with us! Let's build a better place to live, learn, and heal ourselves! We are all one and, and it's time to take care of yourself! If we each take care of us and then anything we can to help those around us, then as the one entity that we all are we can evolve together. It's time, but we need to make the jump as one!
Let's look for the Divine in each of us and love and assist ourselves through self love and service to others ( since they are really just another fractal of yourself anyway)❤️
BackToTheEarth has decided to join these Eco Warring Angels to create with them! You can watch on YouTube and follow along as we put together our Off Grid Portable Homestead! Also keep up on what is coming into creation here at Three Points of Light, or come create with us!

Follow along while we create on YouTube!


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