How we find FREE pallets!

Come along with us and see how, why and where we find free pallets...

Pretty much anything that you would build with wood can be built using repurposed pallet planks. If you find the right ones, they are already treated to withstand the weather, and can be used to build anything outdoors. We found the motherload on pallets that are finished with a solid piece of plywood, but the wood is not treated since they were only used to transport paper products. For what we are using them for is indoor walls and floors, so they have been holding up rather well for free!

Let us show you how we find them...


  1. Hi my name is byrd I just bought land on galante way right up the road and I was wondering if y'all had to get any permits or anything for building on the land. I too use pallets for building it's an awsome thing people there out. Lol. Please let me know that way I can start my journey back to earth too!

    1. Greetings Neighbor! Yes, permits are needed, and we are working our way down there this month, so I can let you know more as we learn! Since we are ready to move down and start developing our land my husband has been working on starting a new Vlog just for the Sanctuary, a "from the begining" type series to help others like yourself see how we get there.


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